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The Council #ForGood is activating and mobilizing everyday people, professionals, and leaders in industries such as tech, media, healthcare, law enforcement, finance, and education to restore equity, transparency, and ethical leadership in the most fractured industries of the world. 

2020 Application Open

for Change Innovators

At CFG, we're developing what we call, "change innovations" -- creative strategies that level the playing field to create a compound effect in all that we do. No more begging "officials" to change the very things that we can change ourselves. Protesting? Petitions? Nope,  not over here.

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Business #ForGood

Join this council if you're passionate about making sure that ethics be restored within the business world. Making a profit should never be more important that doing business the RIGHT way. 

Work #ForGood

Join this council if you want to make sure that all employees are treated fairly. From wages, to policies, to ensuring a quality work environment for all, this council will work toward the keeping the workplace in balance.

Life #ForGood

Join this council if you believe that all families deserve quality food, safe places to live, and a thriving planet for future generations. This council will work to make sure this becomes a reality in the near future.


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