Building Something Today that the Future Will Thank Us For Tomorrow 

The Council #ForGood vision was brought to life by our founder, Dr. Brandi Baldwin, but is being built by fearless leaders from various industries who are committed to making sure that our collective future is better than our collective past. We are working to make "good" business the norm. We want a world where ethics, not money, is seen as valuable. A world where business leaders can serve others, and not only themselves. Where employees aren't stuck working at unethical companies. It can be done with the right team, and we're thankful to have brave leaders stepping up to the plate.

Information for Prospective Leaders

The Council #ForGood is seeking diverse leaders from all industries to join our volunteer leadership team. You do not have to have a "formal" title within an organization to be considered. You simply must have the CHARACTER of a leader, and willingness to work within your areas of expertise. Here's who we need:

Membership Recruiters

Knowledge Experts

Tech/Intelligence Experts

Research Associates

Lawyers/Legal Experts

Project Managers/Administrative 

Security & Safety Experts

Marketing & Social Media Associates

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