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#ForGood Pledge

Millennial and GenZ buying power is increasing and they want to know that they are supporting companies who value diversity, honesty, transparency, and #good. Get the Council #ForGood stamp of approval and let your clients, customers, and employees know that you're truly committed to ethical business.

Our Standards of Excellence

and Accreditation Process

Ethical  +  Integral

To receive #CFG accreditation, your company must have no known or documented occurrences of unethical or illegal activities within the last 3 years. You must have an active ethics policy (which we can provide after approval), and you must be willing to able to sustain a high level of integrity during your membership.

Equitable  +  Inclusive

All #CFG accredited companies must currently have, or be working strategically toward improving their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, procedures, and daily activities.  Companies should not have any pending, open, or active discrimination grievances during or for the 3 years prior to applying for membership.

#ForGood and not #ForBad

It's simple. Your company must be working for good. It doesn't have to be perfect, just on the right track. Companies with conflict or interest issues, poor reputations, business practices that harm the environment, and discriminatory practices will not be eligible for membership, and will not be able to sponsor or partner with #CFG in any way.

STEP 1- Submit Application

Submit your application today to become a member! The entire process will take less than 30 minutes.

STEP 2- #CFG Review Process

Our review process takes 7-10 days to complete depending on the size, industry, and type of organization you have. If additional information is needed, we will contact you directly.

STEP 3-  Approval/Denial

You will receive either a conditional approval, full approval, or full denial with an attached report from our review committee.


Accreditation Fees

Your accreditation fees help to fund our work! For every company that becomes a member, we're able to

mobilize hundreds of our council members

volunteering their time #ForGood.


of all size

accept FYRE Fest, lol

Let event partners, sponsors, and attendees know that your event is #ForGood to build trust and longevity in your industry.


per year


of all size

Increase your donor base, improve visibility, and get on the radar of millennials who want to support your work and mission.


per year


of all sizes

Show your customers, clients, and employees that your company is doing everything in its power to operate #ForGood at all levels.


per year



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